Image 1: Gidas (Alexandria), Imathia, Macedonia; Image 2: Skyros;

Image 3: Janina, Epirus, front; Image 4: Janina, Epirus, back;

Image 5: Kifissia, Attica, front; Image 6: Kifissia, Attica, back;

Image 7: Psara; Image 8: Spetses;

Image 9: Pyrgos, Ilia, Peloponnese;  Image 10: Skopelos, Northern Sporades;

Image 11: Kymi, Euboea; Image 12: Kastelorizo, Dodecanese;

Image 13: Cyprus; Image 14: Karpathos, Dodecanese;

Image 15: Stefanoviki, Thessaly.

Project Details


Here you can see a selection from the costumes that were on show. Their geographic provenance is shown below the images.